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About the team

An innovative company with a passionate team!





We are a grassroots backbone enterprise with a strong ability to innovate and create impact. We help businesses in a variety of industries get more leads and conversions by helping them with web design, e-commerce, social media management, advertising, and search engine optimization. With over ten years of marketing experience in construction, travel, tourism, and multi-residential, including cross-border e-commerce and Chinese digital marketing, we have you covered.


Our approach to online marketing is fresh and innovative, rooted in tried-and-true methods!

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A little more about us

Our mission

We look to make your business an industry leader.

We aim to make you the best in your industry, whether you're a small local painting company or an international exporter of goods. You can expect to achieve and maintain dominance in your niche by utilizing our wide range of services.



"We have been a multi-cultural team right from the start which has allowed us to know how to manage two very different points of view to get the best of both and be more efficient. East, the West and Indigenous values have been combined in our company to obtain the best blend. 


We recognize that breaking into another market can be uncertain and a difficult decision, especially one as foreign as China; NWITC acts like a bridge and a guide for firms wanting to sell to Chinese consumers locally in Canada with the prospect of selling into China. We handle everything so that our clients may concentrate on what they do best. While ensuring that our client's objectives are realized and their ROI is maximized. We also stay on top of the latest marketing trends in China so you don't have to."

How did
we get here?

Growing out of our origins we have evolved and developed into a full-service, comprehensive provider of unique Indigenous Canadian China digital marketing and export services for SMEs, DMOs, and the government. Our contracting and product team creates and maintains relationships with a growling list of Indigenous and Canadian clients, providing a broad range of Authentic Indigenous and Canadian products brought to the China market by our dynamic management team. Professionally enacted by our dedicated support squad and supported by your vigorous customer service agents, we offer our clients high-quality and ROI focussed services that will take their business to a whole new level and leave an impression on you for years to come.

Environmental Responsibility

Respect: Integrity & Collaboration

As an Indigenous-owned company, we work with our partners with openness to the ideas and expectations of our colleagues, our customers, and our partners.


Integrity: Build relationships/Deliver Results

The consumer is our top priority, and every day we’re hyper-focused on making them love both experiencing dealing with China. We've put ourselves in the consumers’ shoes as to make their experience better.


Responsibility: Accountability & Community

We go beyond our obligations to our customers, our colleagues, the community, and the environment.

Our Allies

Meet The Founder And A Few of The Team


Métis Founder & Consultant, Jordan Louis Christopher Hanna,

came up with the idea of starting NWITC - a Digital Services Management Agency (DSMA) -- to serve as a bridge between the West, Indigenous and China. Following a series of difficult delegation meetings between Chinese and Canadian companies, it was obvious that company representatives were struggling to communicate the value of their business to Chinese investors, potential clients, and distributors, resulting in awkward sales presentations and subsequent unrealized business deals, missed sales, investment opportunities and profit; this scenario prompted Jordan to launch his own trade mission to China, where he would study, work, travel and live as an expatriate. He also taught English at international schools as well as coach youth basketball camps in Shanghai. 


While interning at Chinese digital marketing firms in Shanghai, Jordan attended international expo conferences and meetings with global marketing teams, eventually building strategic partnerships with the best local Chinese marketing experts and agencies based in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, France, Russia, and the UK. 


NWITC is made up of a wider group of marketing specialists who are well-versed in Indigenous, Western and Chinese cultures. We manage the entire process so our clients don't need to hire specialized teams and can focus on what they do best; we work to first identify the needs and goals in a brand discovery of the organizations we work with to then design campaigns to fit the personas consumers' interests with products or services businesses/ organizations have to offer with the Chinese consumers that represent the best ROI. We also have deployed the technology ourselves to help businesses easily integrate making it easier to engage with more customers in the region via our 

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