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Avène is rooted in dermatology and hydrotherapy and it was backed by more than 300 clinical studies which confirm its effectiveness in skin treatment. This brand’s history of this brand started in the small village of Avène in the south of France, where the Saint Odile spring was discovered to have outstanding medical qualities, especially for the care of sensitive skins. Avène is a Leading Brand in China, selling more than 5 Millions Products per year in China.


Our Approach

Since the brand was already present in china, the preliminary talks held between the company’s marketing department and Linked partners were mainly focused on analyzing the works done to that point and outlining the objective for future growth. More specifically Avène asked us to help them increase their brand awareness and to pay special attention to their whitening product range.

Our Solutions

The task at hand with Avène was slightly different from our usual brand-building work, since we had to draw on the work that had already been done and built on it. Hence, rather than redesigning the whole brand mantra, Linked partners engaged in a SEO campaign, with the aim of improving the visibility of the brand on Baidu. Furthermore, we engaged heavily in online public relations exploiting our large network of journalists and influencers.


Our Results

Our agency effort to redesign the company’s communication and improve the company visibility paid off. after only a few weeks of campaigning, more than 100 articles have been published on the company’s product on several magazines including Rayli, PC lady, Marie Claire and others. This had the effect of exposing the public to the company’s brands, as well as informing better the customers about the features and benefits of the products.





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