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'Premier Tech' has been growing its position globally for more than 90 years driven by the collective of its 3,250 team members in 24 countries. Premier Tech focuses its efforts in three core industries: Horticulture and Agriculture - Industrial Equipment - Environmental Technologies. Committed to the long - term success of its clients, Premier Tech today records sales of 600 million dollars, backed by a strong manufacturering and commercial expertise, a far-reaching entrepreneurial approach and a quarter century-long track record of solid growth. 

Our Approach

Our experts met with the company's management team with the aim of understanding their objectives and outlining a strategy for further growth and development. The company already had operations in China, their needs revolved mainly around improving their visibility and ranking high on Naidu in order to generate more leads. 

Our Solutions

In order to improve Premier Tech company awareness and e-reputation our experts engaged in an SEO campaign. 

Our Results

The company's reputation saw an instant boost within just one month of implementing the SEO campaign, leading to a notable increase in website traffic. Additionally, our team of experts created compelling advertising content that garnered widespread attention on influential online platforms, resulting in a significant enhancement of the company's overall performance.








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