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BLICKLE is a leading whel manufacturer for automobiles, they have been one of the leaders in this huge industry since 1953. Despite their international acclaim the company was looking to grow their presence in CHina on 'Baidu' (the dominant Chinese search engine), to develop their B2B business in the lucrative manufacturing industry in China.  


Our Approach

In order to create an effective strategy for this company, our experts held several meetings with the client so to fully understand the essence and the history of the products it creates. Subsequently, a marketing strategy had been identified and developed which aims at using elements of their history and tradition combined with the modern communication media to appeal to the imagination of the Chinese consumer. 

Our Solutions

In line with the strategy previously outlined, we developed an SEO campaign on Baidu in order to generate more leads. In addition, we guided them to use PPC (paid per click) on Baidu for amplified results.

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1st Page

Baidu (Chinese Google)


SEO Traffic

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