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Engage Online and Local Shoppers to Boost Sales

An All-in-One eCommerce System for Retail and Franchise Business

How We Help Your Business Grow?

We build a one-stop eCommerce system for retailers and franchisees to engage local and online shoppers, effectively increase sales, and easily manage online to offline operations



All-in-One eCommerce Application Builder

Build and manage desktop/mobile websites, Android/IOS web apps and WeChat/Ali applications in one system. Keep your customers connected anytime, anywhere.

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Built-in Affiliate Marketing & Sales System

Expand customer base and increase sales through incentive recommendations, influencer marketing, community group buying and live stream shopping

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O2O operations & franchise integration

Manage store-level inventory, products, marketing, sales, as well as online-to-offline order shipping, pickup and local delivery under the same franchise system


IOS web app


Android web app




WeChat Mini-program


Ali H5 App


One-stop editing, hot release of all applications



Cost Save


< 15 days

Time to Market



Sales increase



Repurchase increase

What is All-in-One eCommerce Application Builder

We build a one-stop eCommerce system for retailers and franchisees to engage local and online shoppers, effectively increase sales, and easily manage online to offline operations. A single system for businesses to build and manage desktop and mobile eCommerce website, Android / IOS progressive web apps, WeChat application (mini-program) and Ali H5 application

How All-in-One Application Builder Helps You

Linked partnering application builder can easily turn the pre-built website into a deeply engaging application, which not only allows businesses to always maintain a direct connection with customers but also build more effective marketing and sales channels to increase customer base and boost sales

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Union Pay
WeChat Pay, Alipay
  • LinkedIn
  • WeChat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

Integrate with all popularized social media platforms & digital payment options

Build Desktop / Mobile Site.gif

Build Desktop / Mobile Site

The application builder allows you to freely edit desktop and mobile layouts, page navigation menus, static and dynamic UI components, call-to-action activities, and all types of promotions.

Enable Progressive Web Apps

Follow the "Enable all-in-one applications" instruction in admin portal, your pre-built eCommerce website can become an auto--installable Android and IOS web apps. More advanced customer engagement features can be applied, such as push notification, etc


Want to build WeChat marketing and sales channel within the 1.2 billion user base platform? Simply follow the "Enable all-in-one applications" instruction in admin portal you can enable WeChat mini program, which is one of the most important customer engagement applications running in the WeChat ecosystem.


Note: Combined with the "Sell to China" function, you can even start cross-border business to China.

The Alipay H5 application and mini-program is an open and innovative mobile application embedded in Alipay with a user base of 0.8 billion. Expancio application builder allows you to enable it without coding, and directly convert the traffic from Alipay into your order.

  • Easy add additional (franchise) stores

  • Store-level inventory, product, and pricing structure

  • Support shared inventory

  • Store-level pickup and delivery settings

  • Integration of online and offline order operations


Do not have your own delivery team? Don't worry, just use our integrated third-party delivery service!

The All - In - One - App builder turned my e-commerce dream into reality. We are proud that our online store has grown from scratch to a multi-million dollar business in just 12 months. Thank you, we will continue move on to the next stage.

Switching to the All - In - One - App Builder is the best decision I have ever made. The platform is both powerful and flexible. We can easily engage and sell products to local customers digitally and complete order operations efficiently.

As a leading MCN and Influencer marketing agency in North America, I highly recommend the platform. Its all-in-one application builder and unique influencer tools enable us to quickly establish WeChat marketing and live-streaming channels for my corporate customers

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