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We register your brand on social media based on market research and your target audience's preferred channels.


Get your website to rank high on Baidu & get more traffic.

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A webpage to give your hotel & tour agency more visibility online. You'll need a website in Chinese to show you are legitimate and for Baidu SEO.


Perfect place for undercover marketing & users generated content. Build a strong e-reputation so that Chinese travellers chose your over the competition


Use WeChat H5 Brochure to share your product listing easily. Instead of mass mailing, Create to share in WeChat groups and distributors.

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Use Chinese digital payments like WeChat for geolocation-based marketing to attract Chinese consumers. It's safe, familiar, and encourages higher spending. 

Our Digital Marketing Case Studies in China

Here are some companies that worked with us to set up their online presence in China with a strong social media strategy.



Chinese OTA: Trip, Qunar & Elong

Booking platforms are widely used in China. Just like or, Chinese platforms have the same function: find the best holiday deals & destinations. They are essential because most Chinese tourists prefer to book their hotel rooms on a booking platform rather than booking directly on the website of the hotel. Our agency specialized in tourism can help you to create and manage your hotel's online booking platforms.


Website & Baidu SEO

#1: Get a website localized for China and Baidu. Benefice: more visibility with tourists from the Middle Kingdom. Although the country is beginning to internationalize, most Chinese understand very little English. The website has to be in Mandarin Chinese for a better user experience as well as a better Baidu ranking. Note that the algorithms of Google and Baidu are not the same. Baidu favours websites translated into Chinese. Baidu SEO cannot be overlooked, indeed 80% of your Chinese prospects will find you and contact you via this search engine. We can help you do SEO on Baidu with our expertise and experience.

Online Press Release

Press releases are very important to influence travellers into choosing your hotel/tour. They help you gain visibility and build trust among Chinese Internet users. We have more than 2000 journalists online on our address book.



You cannot afford to be on the sidelines when it comes to WeChat. With more than 1 billion active users, the app has become so widespread that is crucial for any company looking at expanding their international business in China. Not only because of its huge user base but also because having an official account on WeChat makes a brand more trustable. Indeed, a solid reputation relies heavily on people's perceptions, and being doubted by potential clients just because you are not on WeChat would put your credibility into question which would ultimately cost you more money down the line if left unchecked.

Online Reputation

Chinese consumers are very active with their travel planning. It is not just about finding a hotel but finding the right hotel. Tourists will inquire about the different hotels and will look at the reviews and opinions of other consumers before booking a room. Our agency can help you manage your online reputation on tourism sites and forums.



Why should I invest in marketing to attract Chinese tourists?

Because China is the first outbound tourism market in the world. According to the UNWTO report, the number of Chinese tourists amounted to more than 135 million, an increase of 6% over the previous year. In addition, they increased spending by 12% to $ 261 billion. Unlike the days when Chinese tourists came only through organized tours, Chinese tourists today are more independent. They stay longer in a destination and spend more money than before.

Should I use Chinese social media to attract Chinese tourists?

Yes, of course. WeChat, the most used Chinese social network has more than 1 Billion users. More than 4 million companies have created an official account on WeChat. The platform offers its fans a targeted and personalized user experience. To have a loyal audience on WeChat, you must be present on the social network and publish regularly quality articles. Interesting content will be more shared and will give visibility and visibility to your hotel.

How to improve my hotel’s online reputation?

Word-of-mouth in China online is very important to the reputation of your hotel. There are diverse ways to build a positive reputation.

  • Build and animate a faithful community. We should not only be on WeChat, but also on other social networks such as Weibo, forums, and blogs.

  • Use external sources. Press relations are very important to have better visibility and a positive online reputation.

  • Collaborate with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). They have a strong audience on social networks or on blogs. Thanks to their high reputation and reputation, they can give visibility to your hotel.

Does a company need Digital Marketing in China?

YES! China has become hugely digital in the pasts years. The country and big groups have been investing heavily in technologies and the citizen embarrassing the convenience of Online services from shopping to taking classes, to looking for information. If your company does not have an online presence in China, your only solution will be to have Guanxi with powerful people that may or may not help your business. If you have a strong network, awesome, for other people, using digital marketing will be a lot easier and efficient.

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