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Chinese Journalists Network

We have more than 2500 Chinese journalists in our database


Quality Content

Great content that help you gain trust & visibility


Kols & Influencers

PR & media exposure help you increase the popularity of your brand

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Become the reference of your industry & build credibility. PR & media exposure help you increase the popularity of your brand

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Groups & Forums

Omni-channel strategy for optimized results



We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results

Our PR Case Studies

We helped these companies improve their E-reputation with Chinese audiences with a smart PR strategy.




Importance of PR in China

Public Relations through Chinese media agencies are the most effective in terms of results as well as price.  When hiring an agency like ours, you not only get a team of PR experts working on your project but also gain access to an extended network of Chinese media, Kol's, and newspapers each using various platforms. Here are some of the benefits of PR: => Experts of your industry talking about you: Credibility. => Backlink to your website: better Baidu ranking. => Brand/ Company Presence on 3rd party neutral websites: More visibility & Trust building. Do not skip PR. It can be a complement to an already existing marketing strategy or the first step into China for small budget start-ups etc.. it is for everyone and It can't be recommended it enough.

E-Reputation & Branding

In China E-reputation is key to success. PR is a good way to build your credibility. Not only you are getting experts talking about you, but it also means backlinks from authority websites. More visibility, better and a better conversion rate. Our PR packages start at 3000RMB.


Work with Micro-Influencers & KOCs

Chinese influencers & KOC  are "public" personalities that have been gaining leverage with brands during the last few years. Micro-influencers and Key opinion consumers are as the name suggests influencers with a smaller audience than Stars or Kols but don't be fooled by the size of their following, there is a reason we are mentioning them here. Micro-Influencers are cheaper than stars and Big Kols. They work very hard to please their community. They have fewer sponsorships which makes them more genuine, less like living ads. Meaning that: Even with a small budget, you can hire an influencer since you pay less, you can hire a few Kols and reach out to different audiences. More trust. Your micro-influencer will spend more time engaging with its community and answer their questions about you.

Forums and Kols

Complete your PR efforts and strengthen your credibility with UGC using the forum and Kols to talk about you. Kols and communities are powerful and widely listen to the Chinese internet. Their opinion matters the most. Let us create a community around your brand and connect you to the right kols.



What is PR?
Why do I need PR in China?
Do I need a PR Strategy in China?

PR is a marketing tool that excludes Paid ads. It consists of having an authority profile talking about your company. It can be media (newspapers, blog..), KOLs or even community.

It is not always easy to get a press release that is why many agencies with the right connection and that know how to proceed are offering this type of service.

PR has the advantage of lasting in time and getting you covered by trusted people on third-party websites which gives you legitimacy.

You need it to become a reference in your industry and gain the trust of your target audience. PR is a long-lasting solution that will help with increasing your conversion rate while getting more traffic. It is also cheaper than most solutions.

In China, your sales are closely linked to your reputation. The awareness of a brand/company is an important part of its success in China. Therefore, using media relations to increase your reputation is definitely a good strategy. We are an online PR agency in China known to be efficient and pragmatic in building your brand awareness and product popularity. Due to the fierce competition, it is important to have experts in this field to help you.

Do good relationships with journalists matter in China?


Can I use traditional Media for my PR effort in China?


Establishing good relationships with Chinese journalists and media is key for brands and businesses wishing to enter China. They are the ones who will promote your product through actions such as featured articles about your brand. Our agency is in contact with more than 2000 journalists as well as with KOLs. We have the connections that can propel your brand in China.

Government censorship has made Chinese people somewhat wary of mainstream media. In addition, the internet makes it easy to find almost any information for free. Finally, there is the possibility of exchanging comments and opinions on a large number of subjects to obtain reliable information on a given subject.

Should I work with Chinese Kols?


It really depends on your project, budget, and goals. Contact-us to know If this would be a suitable solution for your company in China.

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