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TECHNOMARK  is an industrial marking machine produce company from France. Their main products are MULTI 4 (which combines 4 concepts into one machine) and laser-making machines. With more industrial businesses in China gathering information online, they connected with our group to grow their visibility online and generate leads. 

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Our Approach

We first discussed with the client about which kind of customers they would be willing to target in China. Due to the high - end customized nature of their products, the biggest challenge with this company was they needed to educate customers and didn't have any visibility on Baidu and there was also a fierce competition with key words. After collaborating with the brand an effective strategy had been developed to penetrate the Chinese market through the creation of brand awareness. 

Our Solutions

With the aim of creating visibility and fostering company awareness with Chinee consumers, we engaged heavily in SEO activities. We selected the best key words for our clients and we optimized the content of its website, so to increase the natural as well as paid ranking of their website on Baidu. 


Our Results







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