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We register your brand on social media based on market research and your target audience's preferred channels.


Get your website to rank high on Baidu & get more traffic.

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A webpage to give your hotel & tour agency more visibility online. You'll need a website in Chinese to show you are legitimate and for Baidu SEO.


Use WeChat H5 Brochure to share your product listing easily. Instead of mass mailing, Create to share in WeChat groups and distributors.

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Use Chinese digital payments like WeChat for geolocation-based marketing to attract Chinese consumers. It's safe, familiar, and encourages higher spending. Easy integration, transactions in CAD, and lower costs compared to credit cards. Get set up for less than the price of a coffee per month!

Our Digital Marketing Case Studies in China

Here are some companies that worked with us to set up their online presence in China with a strong distribution strategy. Case studies are available on request. 

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Over the years we have received countless requests from companies that failed to find a single distributor in China, we’ve also heard horror stories from companies that did find a distributor but got scammed. From there, we have been working on understanding:


How to get a Chinese distributor?

Why some could not find anyone to distribute their products in China? and, Why would companies get ripped off?


Observing and experimenting, we came up with solid distribution solutions for all types of companies/brands.


Chinese Distributors and resellers

To sell your product in China, you must find a Chinese distributor or reseller. To do this, it is necessary to have a good online reputation and high visibility to convince them to buy your products. Contrary to what one might think, distributors are interested in your brand only. If your brand and your products are profitable you have a good chance to land a good deal. Our marketing agency can help you find one or many Chinese distributors.

Baidu SEO & e-reputation

Without a strong eReputation, distributors and retailers will simply ignore you. To build your reputation, your brand must be present on various Chinese online channels (forums, e-commerce, social media). Thanks to Baidu SEO & ORM, you'll be able to increase your presence consequently on the Chinese internet. In order to get started with SEO, you'll need at least a webpage in Chinese optimized for Baidu. It is important for companies looking for distributors to make good use of PR for credibility purposes.


Trade shows, fairs & exhibitions

Once you have good digital communication, you can go to trade shows and exhibitions in order to present your products and find new business partners. If you have not prepared well for trade fairs with the point mentioned above, don't waste your resources. For positive outcomes, you must already have a strong presence in the market. Bonus: Print your WeChat official account QR code as well as your WeChat Brochure QR code (much better than paper brochures).

Online Selling

China has various eCommerce & Online Platforms. Don't restrict yourself to an offline distribution channel when you have so many options out there. Online channels often give you more control which is not negligible. Work with a Tmall/JD partner, open your own Taobao store, start selling on Kaola, register your company on Tmall B2D where sellers can easily find you... Keep in mind, that your success on online channels also relies on a strong eReputation.



What are Chinese distributors like?

Chinese distributors are distributors, not marketers. They will not help you promote your brand and simply sell the products in the store, regardless of the brand. If your product or your brand does not generate enough profit and income, the distributor will stop the contract with you. This is why you should not rely too much on a distributor, but be vigilant and try to spot others from time to time.

Why is online marketing necessary, I just want to find a distributor?

Put it simply, without online marketing your brand has very little chance to make it in China. Digital Marketing is the most efficient way to get your brand a name in China with distributors and consumers.

Is direct selling a good option in China?

Absolutely. You can make yourself known by first selling on small e-commerce platforms such as “Taobao”, “Little red book” or “Higo”. They allow you to gain market presence and the expenses will be cheaper than and Tmall. “Taobao distributors” and local distributors are also good starting points although you cannot sell in large quantities.

How can Digital marketing help me to find a Chinese Distributor?

Digital marketing is a great tool when it comes to developing a distribution channel in China. The reason is rather simple. With digital marketing you can give a brand a personality, you can do storytelling, you can get exposure, credibility, position a brand as the leader of its field etc…All these things are what Chinese distributors look at before signing with any brand or company. They are distributors, not marketers.


If your brand/company/ products are unknown in China, no one will ever be able to sell any of your products. To sell something, there must be a demand. In china Branding is everything, without it, there is no demand.

What Can I sell in China?

You can sell coffee, you can sell Honey, you can sell meat, you can sell Olive Oil, fashion items, food complement, alcohol, cosmetics… There are buyers for everything really. We have access to more than 800 distribution Channels in China, so we will be able to help you. However, you can not sell drugs or drugs derived product

Do I really need a WeChat Account for Distribution in China?

Yes, you do! As mentioned earlier, emailing won’t work. “Spamming” your listing via Email in the West does not work even tho the west is an email culture so imagine in China where emails are not that common?

Wechat has many tools that can be used as an alternative. You can use WeChat Post as a newsletter, you can use an H5 brochure to share your listing easily, and so on.

Should I join a trade fair in China?

You can, but it is not necessarily cost-efficient. Trade fairs are the most successful when combined with a digital marketing strategy: Wechat H5, a Website in Chinese, and a work on eReputation (especially in pandemic years where fair go Online)

Does a company need Digital Marketing in China?

YES! China has become hugely digital in the pasts years. The country and big groups have been investing heavily in technologies and the citizen embarrassing the convenience of Online services from shopping to taking classes to looking for information. If your company does not have an online presence in China, your only solution will be to have Guanxi with powerful peoples that may or may not help your business. If you have a strong network, awesome, for other peoples, using digital marketing will be a lot easier and efficient.

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