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Commercial Director for Louise Misha, Audrey Huxley

"We're a French company that sells children's and women’s clothing. We wanted to grow our market presence in China. Our goal was to develop brand awareness in China and therefore increase our number of distributors. We needed to be active on local social media channels in the country to get more Chinese distributors." 

"Since we opened those social media channels, we received an increase in demand by retailers. More shops want to distribute our brand. The size of the social media community’s growing. There are a lot of comments about our brand and retailers tell us that their customers want them to sell our brand, which didn’t happen before. This is what we wanted, so we’re happy with the results."

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China Brand Manager, Food Production Company, Kelvin Bin

"I am a China Brand manager for the No.1 vegetable oil and condiment brand of a food production company. Follower volume has increased by 10% on Weibo and 6% on WeChat every month since the beginning of 2019. The paired agency communicates effectively with brand owners to create content."

"Easier to find our brand and products through searching engines. Through some KOL or live digital events, the sales increased at least 50% for each session."


Head of Digital Marketing, Cardo Systems LTD, Boaz Giller

"Cardo Systems is the world’s market leader in Bluetooth, DMC, and entertainment systems for motorcycle riders. I'm the company's head of Digital Marketing. We needed a professional team to help us run our Digital efforts in the Chinese market, succeeding in penetrating the Chinese market and establishing an online presence.


"We are working with a dedicated team that is there for us and making sure that everything is running smoothly. So far, it seems like our brand is getting stronger in the Chinese market, so we are pleased. I was very impressed that even though there are cultural differences they get us. They understand us, our KPIs, and our brand's tone of voice."

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Event Manager, ANT Congrès, Bénédicte Clement

"I’m a conference manager at ANT Congres. We are a professional conference organizer and we facilitate about 20 per year around the world. The team was readily available whenever we needed something."

"I was impressed by their friendliness and their fluency in both English and Mandarin. They were able to translate perfectly between the two languages. The team was readily available whenever we needed something. We were even able to visit their offices in Shanghai, and they were very hospitable."


Owner, Antinucci ConsultingAlberto Antinucci

"I am an international business consultant with a deep understanding of the Chinese market. My clients are European business owners who want to enter the Chinese market with strong positioning. We design the business plan with the clients and we choose whom to work within the territory. They took complete control of the management of our digital presence online of the client and starting from Chinese web design, WeChat official account, Weibo, Baidu positioning, newsletter, online reviews, etc. it was a well-coordinated job."

"After the campaign, the retail product was in high demand, which spurred a price increase. Internal stakeholders appreciated the multicultural aspect of the team. In addition, their communication style and task management were seamless."

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Regional Manager, AR/VR Company, Stephen Little 

"At the time, I worked for a European company working in VR and AR. I took care of the Chinese brand initiatives. We needed help with our China-focused marketing strategy and our WeChat campaign.


"Because emails and linking aren’t effective in China, WeChat engagement was very successful, comparatively. We could directly engage with customers; the whole mission was a success. Their knowledge of how digital marketing works in the Chinese market was second to none. They were able to go into detail and refine the little things that could seriously impact the project."


Marketing Manager, Medical Practice, Oshwan Kelter

"I’m the International Marketing Manager of medical practice. We needed help with our international digital strategy. I worked with the key account manager, who is a really nice guy. I also work with the commercial director and the website developer. They helped us create WeChat accounts. Every month, we create two posts to feed the community on these accounts, and I create content with them."


"Their project management is good. I’m satisfied, and they reply very quickly. The account manager is like a friend now because we talk every day. He’s super available—he even answers on the weekend. He’s helped me out when I had doubts. To communicate, we speak on WeChat.


"Work with them. I’m very satisfied. A lot of other agencies didn’t care about the project or gave me a very high price, unlike Linked Digital Service Partners."

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