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PROVENCE PANORAMA is a luxury mini-van transportation company that organizes tours through known and unknown Provence. Today these tourists have adaopted the habit of travelling in a diversified manner. With the rise of Chinese customers in Provence, Provence, Panorama decided to  promote this region among Chinese travellers. Because of the culture and  language barrier, they could not handle it themselves, so they  contacted us to help them explore the Chinese market

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Our Approach

80% of Chinese tourists come via a travel agency because it is a lot easier for them to travel this way. We set up a massive SEO compaign for making the keywords on the first page of search engine results/ The value of search engine optimization is to obtain more high quality visits through search eangine, attract potential users to follow and thus facilitating more conversions. We deve;oped a Chinese website and rank  on Baidu on Provence trip keywords.

Our Solutions

SEO Campaign with Top Results on Baidu 

Keywords Search

Website Audit & Optimization

40K UVis






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Enjoy this selection of work with a few of our partnering tourism clients!

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