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RHODIA SALVAY is one of the world wide leaders in the Chemistry Industry. They are specialized in fine chemstry, sythentic fibers and polymers which was acquired by the Belgian Solvay Group after a successful tender offer completed in September 2011. The company served the consumer goods, automotive, energy, manufacturing and processes and electronic markets, and had 65 production sites worldwide, four research centers and four joint ventures. 

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Our Approach

Rhodia Solvay was looking to improve its visibility in the Chinese market. After having analyzed the client's needs as well as the current visibility of the company in China, our experts outlined a plan to boost the RHODIA SOLVAY company awareness in the Chinese market. 

Our Solutions

In order to boost the client's visibility in China, we took over and reviewed every aspect of the Chinese side of the company's communications. We managed the PPC campaign and conducted their e-business. We created content to be distributed to journalists with the aim of creating awareness for the company. Furthermore, we also optimized the content for the Chinese search engine and chose the most effective communication channel to publish it. 





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