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GRENDOBLE ROYAL HOTEL is an 5 - star hotel located in Grenoble, a famous city in South - Eastern France, in the Rhone - Alpes region. Encompassed by the French Alps, the region has seen the number of Chinese tourists drastically grow over the past few years. Royal Hotel Grenoble contacted us to help them benefit from this opportunity.

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Our Approach

The Chinese have become the biggest spenders in global tourism as a record number of overseas travellers from the expanding middle class are taking to the world. The growing number of these travellers is fueling a boom as they have a high demand for scenery, culture and shopping. This was an incredible opportunity for the French hotel because of the surge of these tourists who will need accommodation. Royal Hotel Grenoble wanted to provide better service and up-scale experiences in order to attract more Chinese tourists. 

Our Solutions


Translation Website in Chinese 

Lead Generation

Confidential Results

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Enjoy this selection of work with a few of our partnering tourism clients!

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